Based in Fife, Scotland, Paul dedicates his time fully to his art while attempting to maintain his many other interests.  Having already had a successful career as a musician, both performer and music educator, he now pursues his passion for creating beautiful, high-quality art.

Taking his inspiration from the strengths and frailties of the human spirit Paul hopes to capture emotions and connections which, through their commonality, evoke a response in his audience. 

'Having navigated my own path through some challenging times - circumstantial, physical and mental - I feel I am attuned to many of the subtle characteristics and reverberances we convey to others as we attempt to create connections. I feel this in turn has developed a sensitivity to my subjects. 

 I am forever inspired by the kind and generous people who have entered my life and believe strongly in the notion of passing kindness on. If my work stimulates its viewers to consider aspects of our common nature, then I will be satisfied.

 I am equally inspired by our connection to the amazing environment which sustains our life and energy, and how often - when our heads go down and our spirits flounder- we must recognize the therapeutic effect of Nature upon our souls.'

As a youngster Paul displayed dual talents for Art and Music. At a crucial stage he decided to pursue Music and went on to have a Career as a performer in the Royal Marine Band Service and then as a music educator in state and private education. After deciding to follow his calling to art he has tirelessly given time to seeking out subjects which create an emotional response in himself which he then hopes to convey to others. 



'Graphite is an incredibly demanding and expressive medium. Creating a piece of art in this way requires such an intense level of concentration as there are so few times you can step backwards from a mistake before the mark is permanent. This creates a rollercoaster of deep breaths and brave manoeuvres at almost every stage. This challenging journey is what creates the sizzle of electricity you feel when a piece begins to emerge on the paper. Overall, it is an incredibly addictive and satisfying process.'