Based in beautiful Scotland, Paul invites you to join him on his artistic journey as he draws upon his own experiences of humanity, the self and our connection with the internal and external world.

Paul's focus is on the use of graphite as his primary medium, utilising it's versatility and expressive nature to create emotive and detailed pieces.

Finalist in the 2023 Scottish Prize for Fine Art


"The gaze has a tentative quality about it"

"This is outstanding and to get that expression on point is amazing!"

"Every time I look at this, I get more and more impressed with the details."

"This is just fantastic; I keep coming back to the image for another look."

"You truly have captured that child in a moment of wonderment, I wonder what she sees....."

"Makes you think, what is the story?"

"So much incredible detail!"

"Absolutely stunning work, mesmerising."

"Powerful, Meticulous work"

"Absolutely stunning drawings, your drawings are bursting with life and emotion."



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Telephone: +44 792880682

E-mail: paulmorrisonart@yahoo.com